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Call Us Today!
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    Don’t Overlook Your Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    More homes are becoming better energy efficient and air tight. Homeowners do not consider the side effects that come with a higher energy efficient home. Homes that have been tightened up can leave you with stale and contaminated air. This will impair the comfort level in your home. Some of pollutants that are trapped in your home are dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollen and tobacco smoke. When Indoor Air Quality products are used properly these potential health hazards can be eliminated. Some or all of these products listed below will help improve the health and comfort of your home.

    Indoor Air Analysis
    Most people spend most of their time indoors. Most of the time indoor air contains more hazardous pollutions than the outside air. Common symptoms of exposure to indoor air pollutants include headache, fatigue, scratchy throat, nausea, and nasal irritation. The good news is that Master Air can help reduce indoor air pollutions in your home. We would be happy to have a trained technician come to your home and set up a consultation to any Indoor Air Quality problem sources.

    Make Your Home Comfortable and Healthy

    Do you know if the air your family breathes is healthy?
    Are conditions sometimes (stuffy or humid) uncomfortable?
    Are you spending too much on your utility bills?
    Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or allergies?
    If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, Master Air can help.

    Once our trained technician reviews the area a recommendation will be given to you. The recommendations will include any Indoor Air Quality solutions based on air measurements, observations and your individual needs. The solutions may vary from high efficiency air cleaners, humidifiers, germicidal lights (UV lights), dehumidifiers, ventilators and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

    Here are a couple of solutions that we offer:

    cool family
    • UV Germicidal Lamps
      • Bacteria and molds can be found around your air conditioner's evaporator coil. This can lead to odors, illnesses and aggravating allergies. When properly installed the UV lamp kills the harmful bacteria and eliminate the odors that are associated with this. It can also improve the efficiency of your cooling unit. The UV Germicidal Lamps have been used in hospitals for many years. It is a great solution for optimum indoor air comfort throughout your home.
    • Humidifiers
      • Without the proper humidity level in your home, it will not be as comfortable. Often the dry air that makes you feel uncomfortable, is affecting how you feel and is robbing moisture from your home and even your skin.
    • We carry a complete line of humidifiers.
      • Fan-powered units that adds moisture directly into your ducts.
      • Bypass humidifiers work directly with your furnace system. This unit will deliver enhanced moisture throughout your whole home.
      • Manually controlled humidifiers. These units are adjusted by you. You are in completer control the amount of humidity you wish to feel.

    By installing a humidifier you will be able to save money on your energy bills. You will be able to turn down the temperature and be more comfortable while saving money. All of the options are ways to make your home more comfortable, and reduce static electricity. The amount of space you have to humidify will determine what unit would work best in your home.

    Whatever your air quality needs are, from installation to service, please feel free to

    call us today at (614) 775-9505 or complete our online request form

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